Saturday, June 25, 2016

Forever A Belieber

Hi Friends! Well before I start this blog post I wanted to say sorry for not posting in over week! I've been super busy and just super worn out, I couldn't motivate myself to write a blog post or even think of a good topic! Also, I would like to apologize because I will be heading off for two great weeks as a camp counselor and I will not have internet, but I promise there will defiantly be a good blog to catch you up on my life when I get back!

...Anyways, last night it is true to say that I had the best night of my life! Three words: Justin Bieber Concert! AHHH!!! It was beautiful and everything I could have hoped for! I've been a belieber since 5th grade when little, chubby, middle part Lu was searching on YouTube, "Singing competitions" (I wanted to be famous singer- little did I know I sounded like a screeching cat!) As I was clicking through videos to help me find my future stardom, I found a boy name "Kidrauhl" and well the rest is just history.

I've been a true fan ever since, no matter how he behaves. I honestly felt like a proud parent when I saw him on stage last night. I saw him in concert when he was just a baby during his "My World Tour" which was amazing, but something really hit me last night.

"Parents will love their children, no matter what." I've been told this since I was little and I've always kinda questioned it. Will my mom really still love me if I'm a criminal?? Or an addict?? Home-Less? Greedy? Wouldn't she get annoyed and give up? When Justin Bieber started to sing "Baby" these thoughts just flew into my head, and I realized, I loved him when he was innocent, I loved him when he went through a weird crazy period, and I love him now. Even though I know it's not the same as a mother's love, but I've been pretty deeply in love with boy for how many years now????? It's just crazy to think how you can love someone so much that when they do something bad, you don't look at them as a bad person. For example- Justin's Journals album, like boy wtf where you thinking. It was defiantly one of his rough patches, but guess what, I forgave him and moved on with still loving him. (Disclaimer: I know his bad album isn't equal to committing a crime!! Don't hate on me!)

This realization just hit me hard last- but in general I would defiantly recommend seeing JB in concert. It's one hell of a light show and there's nothing like seeing your crush since 5th grade do what he loves, even if my grandma hates him for peeing in a bucket

PS: I think I found my senior yearbook quote- "Gonna be taking it easy tonight on stage sprained my ankle playing ball smh all good still gonna crush it" - Justin Bieber

With Love
(I tried to upload a video of Baby last night but it wasn't loading for me, let me know if it is for you!!)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

11 Reasons You Should Go To Summer Camp

Growing up, The Parent Trap, staring Lidsney Lohan was always one of my favorite movies! It's about two twins, who were seperated at birth after their parents split up. Each twin live with either the mom or the dad, but some how they are both sent to the same summer camp! Crazy right??? I won't spoil the rest for those who live under a rock! Although, I highly recommend the movie if you haven't seen it yet, but what I recommend 10x more, is sending yourself, kid, or friend to a summer camp!! Seriously! I don't care if your 23, and have never gone to a summer camp, you need to apply to be a counselor and your life will change!

I've been going to summer camp since I was in 5th grade, so about 7-8 years! This is my first year as a counselor and I'm super excited to watch kids grow and learn, the same way I did years ago. I started going because my older brother went, and he really liked it so I thought "why not?" Well this "why not?" Changed my life for the better.

Here are some reasons why summer camp is where you should be spending your summer:

  1. Lasting relationships! I have met people in elementary school at camp, and they still hold a positive aspect on my life, seriously! My camp directors maid of honor in her wedding was a girl who she shared her first cabin with. 
  2. You will grow in flourish in ways you didn't even know you could. Being around new people, trying new foods, activies, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a huge part of camp that will help you grow and find yourself! 
  3. Yes internships are cool and all, but colleges seriously LOVE camp counselors! Seriously, they will eat you up if you put that on your college application. 
  4. A week with NO parents!! It's one of the best vacations ever.. 
  5. No technology! If your having friend drama, or just getting sick of friends, this is the place to be. Most summer camps outlaw having phones, and technology while campers are there and trust me, it's one of the greatest breaks ever. 
  6. Food parties- ah. One of the best parts of the night! All the campers sit on the floor in a circle and you all share snacks. FOR FREE!! Campers love sharing food with their counselors (blessed)
  7. The atmosphere is always positive. If you've been dealing with depression or just need a safe/happy spot hit up summer camp 
  8. No one cares what you look like??? SHowers??? What are those??? 
  9. Dance parties- who doesn't love a good dance party to highschool musical with all your closest friends? 
  10. You learn to trust God or even yourself (if your not religious) by trying new elements like the ropes course!
  11. You don't have to go to a local camp, camps will pay you to come travel to work for them! My camp gets counselors from Europe, and Austraila all the time!! I'm hoping to go to a camp in Hawaii soon! 
I'm promising you, going to summer camp is one of the best things you will do for yourself. There are so many! It doesn't just have to be a traditional summer camp, there are plenty for sports, religion, hobbies, animals, nature, YMCA!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Why Morning Runs Rock

Morning runs... Two words the automatically freak people out. I've grown up in a running family, so those two words don't scare me too much, but about four years ago, I would have ran and hid. Four years ago I couldn't even finish a mile, but now a days a spend about an hour of my day running. Call me crazy, but it's true.

If your like me, maybe an XC runner, or just like to run to stay fit, you know morning runs are beautiful and one of the best parts of the day. If you aren't a runner, your probably thinking why am I reading this? Well I would like to give you some motivation that way you will hopefully one day understand the beauty of morning runs.

First off, when I say morning run, I don't mean "morning" as in 12 pm run.. I mean set your alarm clock for 7:30 morning run...

Morning runs are the best because you don't have to worry about your schedule. You don't have to worry if you have to get your car washed, if your friends are going to the pool. You don't have to worry at all, it's honestly the best time to just clear your mind and think about your mental, and spiritual health. Whenever I make a bad decision, morning runs are where I turn to that way I'm not "over thinking" or creating aniexty over something not isn't a huge deal.
If you ever get out of bed and still feel tired, then morning runs are for you. They wake you up!

Although at first you when you first hear that alarm clock go off, you feel like crap, but trust me, after the run you will feel like a brand new person! It's a good start to your day, that way you don't feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Plus you can always go back to bed!
You can eat whatever you want!! Seriously, morning runs rock because you don't feel fat and gross the whole day! Excercising shortly after waking up helps your metabolism!! Your like "Oh yeah, I ran today, I deserve that donut." It's beautiful feeling to feel happy in your skin and I can truly say you will get that feeling when you go for a morning run!

For people who aren't runners, but would like to be, don't go out and try to kill yourself. Run/walk for 10 minutes, take a rest day, then add on 5 more minutes the next day! It will get easier and easier, and will defiantly help with your summer body!!

Best of Luck! Go out there and run!
- Lu