Friday, July 22, 2016

Bucket List!!

As I'm counting down the days till my 18th birthday, I keep thinking of how fast time is going but yet I'm still considered young.. So I decided to create a bucket list that I can complete through out highschool, college and 20s!

1. Graduate Highschool and College 
2. Go somewhere in Europe, maybe even study? 
3. See the 1975 in concert 
4. Travel with a boyfriend 
5. Go to a really famous club in Los Angeles, Maimi, or NYC 
6. Go to California
7. Go skiing out west
8. Hike somewhere out west 
9. Be a bridesmaid! 
10. Go to an art museum 
11. Join a sorority 
12. Take a girly road trip 
13. Live in Seaside, Florida for a whole summer 
14. Be an extra in a movie 
15. Radio host 
16. Write for a top notch magazine 
17. Move to a really small town and be a news anchor 
18. Go camping with my friends
19. Get a internship 
20. Run a marathon 
21. Drive over the Bence Sprence Bridge.. It's right outside my city and I'm too nervous to drive over it :/ 
22. Kiss 12 boys at a concert (I'm going to one next Friday- I'll keep you updated) 
23. Go skinny dipping 
24. Get my cartilage pierced 
25. Cut my hair short and sexy 
26. Wear high heels while walking around a city!! 
27. Go to a bar and order a fancy drink
28. Work in a soup kitchen

... To be continued :) 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's Be Real... Acne

Ah, A 5 letter word that makes every person cringe and can make or break a situation... Acne... The tale is as old as time, wash your face and you'll get clear skin! HAHAHA... Not necessarily... Some people are blessed with flawless skin, for example; a girl in my grade has only washed her face with dove soap her whole life... If you are that type of person, this blog post is defiantly not for you! Unlike her, I was blessed with cystic and hormonal acne, yup a double wammey. Most people either get one or another, but luckily for you I was blessed with both so let's be real...

Cystic Acne is when you get the really bad break outs of big red zits, the worst. The break outs can happen anywhere, face, chest or back. These are the type of pimples that when you pop them, they only get worse and can even end up leaving a scar! Where as hormonal acne, can be just as bad but mostly happens along the jaw line of your face. Both types aren't fun, but defiantly are treated differently.

First please go see a doctor!! Seriously!! I know acne sucks!! It takes over your whole life, you feel like your acne controls you! You think people only notice your acne, and not your beautiful smile, but trust me, it will get better!!

 If you acne is pretty mild, like not covering your whole face, maybe just your forehead and isn't too red, you can always try over the counter stuff! My favorite type of face wash is PanOxyl. It's very drying but definantly does the job! Get in a habit of a face routine, like a fierce face wash in the morning and a mild one at night time, or oppisite.

Cystic and Hormonal aren't that easy to cure, sadly. But you will get a clear face with they help of a doctor! You can get on oral pills (bless up) or prescription strength creams and wash. The oral pill that changed my life is, Isotretinoin or known as Accutane. It is very high risk requiring blood test every month and online test. You CANNOT get pregnant on it, because of very deadly birth effects, but trust me. This pill is a miracle worker. It permanently clears your skin, I don't know how but it's defiantly God's gift. It doesn't happen over night, but 6 months!

Now since I've also been blessed with hormonal acne, after I finished up Accutane, I went on birth control. Hormonal acne is caused by your hormones (ovbiously) having an imbalance. I should have seen this as a sign when my periods were extreme long and heavy. I'm knocking two birds out with one stone, my acne and my terrible periods. Birth control clears up skin within 3 to 6 months. I'm on my third month of it and my skin is pretty much flawless. Also hormonal acne can be caused by all the freaking uncessary hormones in are foods, like milk! Try to take a week off drinking milk and see if your face clears up!

It's a long and painful struggle- but trust me, having clear skin is a blessing and it's worth it
With Love,

Sunday, July 17, 2016


My whole life as a teenager, I've struggled with the concept of self love. I was always an attention seeker. I loved to have eyes on me for all the wrong reasons. I loved to start drama, show off my body (I literally have a body of a 12 yr old boy??) act stupid, and be the loud girl in class. I acted like I had it all together, when really I was dying on the inside. I hated myself. As I've grown up, I've learned a lot about myself and really came to realize who I am. It's been a long journey, but at 17 years old I can say I'm comfortable in my skin. Self love doesn't come over night, you just don't fall asleep thinking, "I want to be confident" and wake up glowing! It comes with tears, and over coming fears. If your anything like me, you're probably searching online like "tips to be confident" (there's nothing wrong with doing that-- trust me! I'm just as guilty as doing it also..) and luckily for you, here are my tips and advice, that really helped me loved myself

  • Don't stress the little things- the pimple on cheek will not determine anything in your future
  • Only you know yourself best- if you need to stay home for the weekend, then do it! Take a hot bath, watch a good movie, the party doesn't matter! 
  • Others opinions don't matter- honestly, at the end of the day, it's only you who matter. If you like those new shoes but they aren't in style then who cares????
  • Love your body- now this is a hard one, personally I always struggled with loving my body. I always wanted a bigger butt or a skinnier belly. You're body is you're body. If you want to get skinnier, then put in the effort to work out more (but please remember to workout at a healthy rate.) Thats what I did. I put in the time and effort to get my body to where it is now. No I didn't starve myself, or work out every waking moment. Your skin should fit like a cozy sweater, not like the itchy one your crazy aunt bought for you the past 3 holidays. 
  • Learn how to dance with yourself, and only yourself- sometimes your going to be your biggest fan and you gotta learn to love all those awkward quirks and moments. You gotta love the way you look when you wake up, you gotta love the way your legs look in high heels, the way your voice sounds after crying. 
  • Say your name in the mirror, over and over- Of course your name sounds beautiful when it's coming from your crush, or your comfort zone mother/friend. But your name needs to sound beautiful to you. You are the only one who can determine your worth and trust me, it's a lot more than the teenage boy dming you. 
  • Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone- try everything! That's the only way you learn who you truly are. Try new foods, new friends, new music, new clothes! Try a new sport, or a new Netflix series. Try reading a new book. 
I hope these help you find yourself, the same way they helped me! Remember: it doesn't come over night!
With Love, 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Running Away

I am running away... No, not from home, but from everything I have came to known in the past year.. My boyfriend of my teenage dream relationship and I have called the quits on our lovely, blissful relationship, and I'm running away. I want to start over, I want to meet new people, I want to try new foods, maybe get my cartilage pierced? I want to grow and flourish in different ways. After all this is my senior year, might as well live it up and learn about myself before I enter the real world.

You're probably wondering something along the lines like "Damn.. A whole year down the drain and you aren't upset? Did it even mean anything?" Well of course, I was devistated and tears where shed but I have peace with the stitation because I know I cannot change it, nor would it be worth it to change because it will just end drastically again. Having peace after a breakup is honestly one of the best things. You might feel like your world is falling into pieces, but realizing that what is meant to happen is going to happen and you have no power to change, is ok. And you'll be ok.

You have to cry, you have to let out your anger. I always thought that you had to hide your feelings and act like your life isn't crumbling, but that isn't true. Let out all emotions, let them out and be proud, because your human and after getting disappointed by someone who you thought would never let you down hurts like shit. Watch a sad, soppy movie and eat all the comfort foods in the world, but don't let this phase last forever...

... Pick yourself up and start over. Run away from everything you've known. Try new things, talk to new people. Let yourself explore and grow. Learn how to accept that you can't change everything. You can't control others, and they can't control you. Make peace with your ex, and be ok when they start over. It's only human, to start over. My favorite quote right now is by F. Scott Fitzgerald- "For what it's worth: it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you're proud of. And if you find that your not, I hope you have the strength to start over." It just speaks to me because for the past year, I have only known myself as "Pauls girlfriend" never just "Lu." I'm excited to be known for myself, and be whoever I want to be. I'm excited to do myself!

So lovely lu readers; if your going through a heartbreak or a loss of a loved one, pick yourself up and run away. I hope you find the encouragement to start over, learn to love the tears strolling down your cheek, and peace within something you cannot change. If you guys ever need to talk, I promise I'm always here.

With Love,
Lu (PS: I'm going to start writing a lot more!)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

I spent a week with ten 7 year olds...

This past week I was blessed to have spent it at not only the best camp on earth, but also with the coolest girls! It was my first week as a counselor this summer, and to my luck I was placed with the babies of camp! 10 little girlies who will be going into the 1st grade during the fall! I was honestly super scared when I first got my cabin assignment...

"Who sends their kids to camp this young?" "Ugh, I'm not going to get any sleep because of homesickness/bed wetting.." "Can they even do stuff, like the rock wall???" All these thoughts ran through my head as I set up my bunk/home for the week last Sunday.. You could probably say I was over thinking, or just being selfish because I really wanted older kids who I could connect with or have deep conversations with. The week went by way too fast, and I really proved myself wrong. Little girls rock and taught me more than a deep conversation would have. 
  • You don't have to have it all together, to have fun. You can easily just go with the flow
  • Pimples, blemishes, imperfections?? They don't matter as long as your nice 
  • Nap time is a must
  • Eating healthy is cool and all, but have you ever tried bread and butter sandwich? But in all honestly, eating in moderation is key and you don't have to shove salad down your throat every waking moment to feel good. 
  • If you having fun there is no reason why you should care whose looking or what others are thinking 
  • You don't have to be the best at everything to still feel good about it. You don't have to get first place or be the fastest. If you climb the rock wall in 8 minutes when it usually takes 2 minutes, you still climbed it. 
  • Don't over think. If I usually make a mistake I cringe and constantly think about it, but after a girl peed her bed every night this week, it made me realize...Things happen, and you just move on. 
They brought back my innocence and it was great to spend a week with girls who think relationships are icky, they don't have to have 30 pounds of makeup on or even shower every day. You can still simply feel beautiful and wanted with just a little love and a toothless smile. 

Tomorrow I will start my counseling journey with 7th grade girls! So wish me luck because I'm even more scared then I was last week!! Ahh boy crazy girls, here I come! 

With love,