Friday, July 22, 2016

Bucket List!!

As I'm counting down the days till my 18th birthday, I keep thinking of how fast time is going but yet I'm still considered young.. So I decided to create a bucket list that I can complete through out highschool, college and 20s!

1. Graduate Highschool and College 
2. Go somewhere in Europe, maybe even study? 
3. See the 1975 in concert 
4. Travel with a boyfriend 
5. Go to a really famous club in Los Angeles, Maimi, or NYC 
6. Go to California
7. Go skiing out west
8. Hike somewhere out west 
9. Be a bridesmaid! 
10. Go to an art museum 
11. Join a sorority 
12. Take a girly road trip 
13. Live in Seaside, Florida for a whole summer 
14. Be an extra in a movie 
15. Radio host 
16. Write for a top notch magazine 
17. Move to a really small town and be a news anchor 
18. Go camping with my friends
19. Get a internship 
20. Run a marathon 
21. Drive over the Bence Sprence Bridge.. It's right outside my city and I'm too nervous to drive over it :/ 
22. Kiss 12 boys at a concert (I'm going to one next Friday- I'll keep you updated) 
23. Go skinny dipping 
24. Get my cartilage pierced 
25. Cut my hair short and sexy 
26. Wear high heels while walking around a city!! 
27. Go to a bar and order a fancy drink
28. Work in a soup kitchen

... To be continued :)