Saturday, July 2, 2016

I spent a week with ten 7 year olds...

This past week I was blessed to have spent it at not only the best camp on earth, but also with the coolest girls! It was my first week as a counselor this summer, and to my luck I was placed with the babies of camp! 10 little girlies who will be going into the 1st grade during the fall! I was honestly super scared when I first got my cabin assignment...

"Who sends their kids to camp this young?" "Ugh, I'm not going to get any sleep because of homesickness/bed wetting.." "Can they even do stuff, like the rock wall???" All these thoughts ran through my head as I set up my bunk/home for the week last Sunday.. You could probably say I was over thinking, or just being selfish because I really wanted older kids who I could connect with or have deep conversations with. The week went by way too fast, and I really proved myself wrong. Little girls rock and taught me more than a deep conversation would have. 
  • You don't have to have it all together, to have fun. You can easily just go with the flow
  • Pimples, blemishes, imperfections?? They don't matter as long as your nice 
  • Nap time is a must
  • Eating healthy is cool and all, but have you ever tried bread and butter sandwich? But in all honestly, eating in moderation is key and you don't have to shove salad down your throat every waking moment to feel good. 
  • If you having fun there is no reason why you should care whose looking or what others are thinking 
  • You don't have to be the best at everything to still feel good about it. You don't have to get first place or be the fastest. If you climb the rock wall in 8 minutes when it usually takes 2 minutes, you still climbed it. 
  • Don't over think. If I usually make a mistake I cringe and constantly think about it, but after a girl peed her bed every night this week, it made me realize...Things happen, and you just move on. 
They brought back my innocence and it was great to spend a week with girls who think relationships are icky, they don't have to have 30 pounds of makeup on or even shower every day. You can still simply feel beautiful and wanted with just a little love and a toothless smile. 

Tomorrow I will start my counseling journey with 7th grade girls! So wish me luck because I'm even more scared then I was last week!! Ahh boy crazy girls, here I come! 

With love,