Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's Be Real... Acne

Ah, A 5 letter word that makes every person cringe and can make or break a situation... Acne... The tale is as old as time, wash your face and you'll get clear skin! HAHAHA... Not necessarily... Some people are blessed with flawless skin, for example; a girl in my grade has only washed her face with dove soap her whole life... If you are that type of person, this blog post is defiantly not for you! Unlike her, I was blessed with cystic and hormonal acne, yup a double wammey. Most people either get one or another, but luckily for you I was blessed with both so let's be real...

Cystic Acne is when you get the really bad break outs of big red zits, the worst. The break outs can happen anywhere, face, chest or back. These are the type of pimples that when you pop them, they only get worse and can even end up leaving a scar! Where as hormonal acne, can be just as bad but mostly happens along the jaw line of your face. Both types aren't fun, but defiantly are treated differently.

First please go see a doctor!! Seriously!! I know acne sucks!! It takes over your whole life, you feel like your acne controls you! You think people only notice your acne, and not your beautiful smile, but trust me, it will get better!!

 If you acne is pretty mild, like not covering your whole face, maybe just your forehead and isn't too red, you can always try over the counter stuff! My favorite type of face wash is PanOxyl. It's very drying but definantly does the job! Get in a habit of a face routine, like a fierce face wash in the morning and a mild one at night time, or oppisite.

Cystic and Hormonal aren't that easy to cure, sadly. But you will get a clear face with they help of a doctor! You can get on oral pills (bless up) or prescription strength creams and wash. The oral pill that changed my life is, Isotretinoin or known as Accutane. It is very high risk requiring blood test every month and online test. You CANNOT get pregnant on it, because of very deadly birth effects, but trust me. This pill is a miracle worker. It permanently clears your skin, I don't know how but it's defiantly God's gift. It doesn't happen over night, but 6 months!

Now since I've also been blessed with hormonal acne, after I finished up Accutane, I went on birth control. Hormonal acne is caused by your hormones (ovbiously) having an imbalance. I should have seen this as a sign when my periods were extreme long and heavy. I'm knocking two birds out with one stone, my acne and my terrible periods. Birth control clears up skin within 3 to 6 months. I'm on my third month of it and my skin is pretty much flawless. Also hormonal acne can be caused by all the freaking uncessary hormones in are foods, like milk! Try to take a week off drinking milk and see if your face clears up!

It's a long and painful struggle- but trust me, having clear skin is a blessing and it's worth it
With Love,