Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Letter to My Friends as We Start Senior Year..

Currently, I am eating a box of starburst and constantly checking a group message that contains 12 of my closet girlfriends. I'm all ready to go out for the night while they still debate the driving situation, either way I'm driving because I'll be heading home at curfew (I'm totally a homebody, I love sleeping in my bed.) Maybe they realize this or not, but it's our first weekend of senior year. First out of around 40ish. I'm still in shock that this is seriously my last year spent with the girls who've I've spent every waking moment with since freshman year. I'm ovbiously ready for college and to start over, but I defiantly am not ready to leave my best friends (even if they are being super annoying right now...)

That's why I want them to know..

Wherever we go, no matter how far or close, they will always hold a special place in my heart. No matter how many new girl friends I meet, or if I find the love of my life, they will still be with me. Whenever White Iverson comes around or I see a giraffe, I know I will always think of them. We have to many memories to forget..

I'm thankful I had not one, but 12 shoulders to cry on. We might have had our fights and our ups and downs, but we are always there for each other, no matter what. I will always support them, even if it going into the military, or just committing to play for a d3 school. I will always be a proud little mom of theirs :,)

I'm excited for our adventures this year! Senior spring break, new boys, how exciting! But really.. I'm pumped! Last year was just the beginning of fun, and this year will truly go down in history as one of the best and I'm glad I get to spend it with the 12 girls I've made the most memories with. I can't wait to take so many cute pics that I'll get to hang up in my college dorm!

4 days down- 199 more to go (including weekends)
With love,